While using diatomaceous earth for fleas is an effective way to keep your cat safe, it is still important to always keep the house clean and free of unnecessary clutter. Get your cat’s flea problems under control this summer with the help of diatomaceous earth for fleas an essential part of your cat care routine.

You have heard of this type of dust in your cat care literature but are not quite sure what it is. This dust is a granular, powdery dust that can be found in most pet stores.

Fleas and ticks feed on the blood of their host animals, so they will often lay their eggs and their larvae in these areas of the body. The flea larvae are almost completely impervious to all of the commercial pesticides available. They feed on the host animal’s skin, coat, and fur.

The flea lays its eggs at night and lays its larvae and adult fleas early in the morning. It only takes one flea to lay a thousand eggs, so there is a lot of food there. The eggs take about ten days to hatch, and once hatched, the adult fleas emerge from the eggs to seek out their next host.

There are a number of cat tips to prevent these creatures from laying eggs in your home. One of the first things you need to do is to prevent dust from getting into your house.

Make sure all rooms of your home have screens on them, especially in rooms where you will sleep and the cats will sleep. In most cases, fleas and ticks cannot get into the bedroom unless there is no screen between the mattress and wall.

Also, consider the holes in the bedding you use, especially if you are sleeping on top of the mattress. There are special mattress covers made specifically for the purpose of keeping out fleas. These also have special holes for snuggling the cat when it sleeps on top of the mattress.

After you have cleaned the area where you are going to sleep and put the mattress and bedding away, make sure that there is no other source of fleas in the area where you will be sleeping. For example, it is much better to avoid hiding in bed with fleas and ticks than to sleep in an area where they can still find a way in. If possible, keep all drafts outside of the room.

Keep the area where you will be sleeping dry. Ensure that the sheets and bedding are not too stuffing down to become a breeding ground for fleas. This could be an issue in the winter months, when your cats may spend more time in bed than usual.

It may be tempting to let your cat sleep in a dirty and dusty cat bed. However, you can give them a thorough brushing and washing to help keep them free of fleas and ticks. Keeping them warm and dry, can also help to keep them away from being flea infested.

You can apply a diatomaceous earth dust to the surfaces of your carpet to make sure that fleas cannot come in contact with it. You can also spray it on the bedding in your home. Keep it on the furniture, your walls, the floor, and the windows as well.

The dirt and grime on these surfaces can accumulate at different sources, causing the dust to build up in many areas. This dust can also be inhaled by your cat, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. Many cats can suffer from respiratory problems from inhaling dust, so make sure you get them clean regularly.

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