The dog’s upbringing has been said (perhaps) everything and the opposite of everything. No one can ever have all the answers and those who say they have them are presumptuous to avoid. Every situation is separate, and the interpretation of many behaviors of the dog must be done time by time, without generalizing and especially live.

There are, however, beliefs as widespread as false, which circulate among dog owners throughout Italy. Some are relics of a bygone era, others are true “grandmother’s teachings”, who has had dogs all her life. Let’s see some of them.

You Cannot Teach Anything To An Old Dog

An old dog generally knows his stuff. The years he carries around with him have contributed to his valuable experiences, but to think that he can no longer learn anything is definitely false. It will take longer, of course, as he won’t be “cheated” as easily as a puppy, but you’ll want to teach him something useful for him and for you, he will learn it, rest assured.

What Americans say when they say “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is totally false. There are many old dogs, coming out of kennels for example, who are ready to prove otherwise. What’s more, some of these old dogs learn even faster, not having the distractions and energy of a young dog. Don’t get stuck by age if you want to adopt an adult dog.

Growing Up He Will Learn

Definitely not! Some of the puppy’s problematic behaviors need to be addressed immediately. Rather than “solve” it, the problem is far more likely to get worse as time goes by. Shelters and kennels are full of dogs abandoned because of behavioural problems.

Don’t wait for something that will never happen. Help your dog to understand what you want from him and learn what his needs are and what he is asking for at that moment. .

Rub Your Snout On Pee-Pee

This is perhaps the most absurd myth, believe it or not, still widespread today. Grandmothers used to say it, and although it seems incredible, many people are convinced that this method works. Serious mistake.

First of all this sort of “punishment” has the only result of scaring the dog, which will go to pee in more hidden places in the house (so it adds a problem). As if that wasn’t enough, the dog doesn’t receive any message from this action.

If they crushed your heads in a mountain of laundry, what would you understand? Should I wash them, fold them, dry them, dress them, sell them, put myself in my pyjamas? Well… there’s more or less the same confusion in the dog’s head, with the difference that you’ve also soiled his face with pee.

My Dog Is Stubborn, He Refuses To Learn

There is very recent research conducted on the intelligence of dogs, and none of this has proved that a particular breed corresponds to a different level of intelligence. All dogs are intelligent in their own way (like humans). It is all a question of understanding how to develop a harmonious relationship and give it the right conditions to express itself to the best of its ability.

Just like guilt, stubbornness is a typically human attribute that we pour over our dogs, especially when we think they pretend not to hear us on purpose. In reality, there is almost always a reason why your dog chooses to do something else when you try to get him to do (or not do) something.

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