Otohaematoma is a very common problem in dogs, a disease that affects a good number of animals every year. In this article we see what are the causes, what are the symptoms and what are the solutions to this annoying and sometimes painful problem for the dog.

As with any other pathology, taking prompt action when symptoms occur is essential to minimise the most serious risks and complications. In any case, otohematoma is nothing too serious, as long as it is treated with due care and always with the help of your vet.

Causes Of Otohaematoma

The otohaematoma is almost always accompanied by an otitis in the dog: in particular by the external otitis, which causes the cartilage fracture and causes discomfort and pain in the dog, which starts shaking its head and scratching its ear insistently, causing a subcutaneous effusion.

In other cases, the cause can be traumatic: for example if the dog’s ear is crushed or if he shakes his head frequently because he gets wet very frequently.

Otohaematoma Symptoms: Swollen, Bruised And Hot Dog’s Ear

The first sign of such a problem is therefore a very insistent scratching or shaking of the head: if you notice this behaviour you are probably in time to intervene before the otohematoma forms, taking the dog to the vet.

When the problem is already present the most frequent and evident symptoms are:

  • Swelling;
  • Heat of the affected area;
  • Bruise stains.

Initially the swelling is soft and liquid, but over time it tends to thicken and become harder.

Treatment For The Dog’s Otohematoma

The dog’s otohaematoma can be treated in two different ways: the vet will determine which one after visiting the dog and evaluating the specific case:

Drug therapy and compression: at the initial stages the otohaematoma can be treated with antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic drugs. In some cases the vet may choose to compress the ear with special bandages.

Surgical removal: in most cases otohematoma requires surgery, more for aesthetic reasons than for reasons of actual risk. Treating this pathology only with drugs can in fact lead to permanent aesthetic damage and in particular to the “crumpling” ear. Clearly there are cases of serious infections in which surgery is the only solution to preserve the animal’s hearing and good health.

Obviously the first thing to treat, if there is, is otitis which, as we have seen previously, is the main cause of otohematoma.

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