October is now almost at the dripping point, and together with him the cold and winter are coming. With them, the cold, which in the coldest months can be as murderous as the heat for our animals, as well as for strays. In addition to the obvious consequences of cold, such as colds, there are others, perhaps less obvious. For example, here are three ways in which cold weather damages cats in certain, and perhaps unpredictable, conditions.

Low temperatures, for one thing, have a particular effect on cats that are already suffering from certain diseases. This may seem obvious, but in this case we are not referring to colds.

Arthritis and joint prostheses

According to the testimonies of some people, the lowering of temperatures worsens the influence of arthritis, making it much less manageable; to the point of sometimes perceiving the change in weather in advance, through pain in the joints.

Similarly, the presence of joint prostheses, although a lifesaver that in many cases allows you to lead a normal life, becomes more evident during the winter. It seems that the metal makes the cold feel even on the nearest bone, thus causing pain.

There is no reason to think that the same cannot happen to our cats.

Hormonal problems and body temperature

It’s not just the cold that makes you shiver and takes the body heat away. Other disorders, such as hormonal disorders such as thyroid problems, diabetes and the rare Cushing’s syndrome, can also make the cold feel more intense than it is because they make it more difficult to regulate body temperature.

A thought for strays, but not only: two problems related to the car

It is no secret to anyone, or at least it shouldn’t be, that our cars become an attractive haven for stray cats during the winter months; specifically the engine area or the wheels. It would therefore be a good rule, when the frost starts to bite, to always honk a horn before setting off again, so that any homeless cats can get to safety.

You think a little less often, perhaps, about how deadly the car’s interior can be during the winter. In fact, with no heater or engine running, a car cools down as quickly as it heats up in the summer. And of this, an animal left alone on the inside notices it. So the advice is never to leave your cat alone in the car for too long, even in winter.

These are just three ways in which cold weather damages cats. Always pay attention to their welfare.

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