Adopting a cat and taking care of it is definitely a great gesture of love. Adopting a cat in need of special care is the biggest gesture of love ever. But not only towards the cat, but also towards ourselves. We have summarized here because adopting a disabled cat improves our life, but we also know that not everyone can do it for various reasons, one of many being the economic factor.

However, this does not mean that we cannot help needy cats, disabled or otherwise. Here is a list of actions we can do to be part of the joy of these cats!

Volunteering in shelters/distance adoptions/ donations of food and blankets

Very often animal shelters ask for the help of volunteers because there is so much work to be done, especially if there are many “difficult” cases. They are looking for a trustworthy and animal-loving person to make the work a little lighter. It will certainly be an arduous task and for people with guts (you never know in what condition a kitten can get to the shelter and especially if it will make it), but it is a gesture that can mean a lot to an animal in need. If you don’t have time to volunteer yourself, you can help volunteers and associations even with small donations, for example, by adopting one of their kittens at a distance!

If your financial conditions do not allow it, you can still donate blankets, old stoves or something else to the shelters.

Provide a warm place and food to the strays during the winter

As we have seen in many other stories, winter can be really hard for a cat. Just think that strays don’t have a fixed abode, often not even a place to shelter, and they are almost always without food and water. If you see a kitten wandering around your house, try to arrange a bunk in a sheltered place and give it food and water. Even a small gesture can help him a lot.

Offer availability for stalling

Shelters can’t always keep cats for a long time, especially small or diseased cats. Even just keeping a cat with you for the time it needs to spend before it is adopted is a very important help.

Help feline colonies

The feline colonies are a very delicate case. They are almost always groups of cats who come from many different parts of the city but who gather to eat. They are maintained by simple volunteers who provide food, water, shelter and medical care. Helping a colony means providing better assistance to the cats in the colony and also helping the volunteers with sterilizations.

Share the appeals!

Every day, we read stories about abandonment, mistreatment and abuse of our furry friends in the social media. If you can’t adopt or stall your cat, share his or her appeal: have him or her spinning on your bulletin board, in groups or on your friends’ bulletin boards. Sharing is key to getting the appeal to as many people as possible and increases the likelihood of it getting on the right person’s wall!

Get to know your cat

Whether the cat lives with you or is one you’re helping with volunteer work, knowing its character can be crucial. Knowing her habits, her ways of reacting to various situations or even just what she means by a small reminder means knowing how best to help her. Knowing his tastes, what he likes and what he doesn’t like, you can also create a better environment for him: you can enrich the space with his favorite games and contribute to his mental and physical serenity.

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